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Why join Core Fit Studio?

“Core Fit is not your typical gym. It is an exclusive, high-quality, ‘functional training’ studio that focuses on a total body approach towards health and fitness. We teach you how to train your body in the most efficient way by using the Core as the foundation for each movement.” Maria, Founder of Core Fit

Core focused training is proven to be one of the most effective ways of getting the body lean, flexible, and strong without the use of heavy equipment. With just a few hours per week of incorporating exercises that use body weight, TRX, and a variety of other functional training equipment, the results are significant.

At Core Fit, we value our members’ health and wellness, and strive to be a part of their long term goals. Through our education and personal coaching, members create a healthy lifestyle that enables them to be more active and fit. 

We offer many services to achieve these goals. The most important to start with is Nutrition to learn the value of eating clean, and fueling the body with the right foods. Clean eating gives the body the proper nutrients to obtain the best results during and after your health and fitness program.

While learning about nutrition, we teach the fundamentals of exercise through private or semi-private personal training. Personal Training is valuable for getting results without injury. And, our exclusive membership allows you to use the studio to workout at your convenience. Our ‘circuits of the day’ help you stay focused and provide a structured workout if you need one.

At Core Fit, YOUR health is our number one priority! We strive to provide you with the best experience in the best environment. AND, give you the individual attention you deserve.

Listen to this inspirational testimonial from Korin Ross, one of our Core Fit members, and how Core Fit Studio has changed her life.


Our exclusive memberships

Our Classic membership gives you unlimited access to our state-of-the-art facility; our Unlimited option gives you unlimited Small Group Classes; our BEST VALUE Premier choice provides unlimited access to our facility and unlimited Small Group Classes, and our Core Fit Healthy Kids choice provides unlimited Small Group Classes for Kids ages 8-13.  And, we offer tasty and healthy plant-based protein shakes before your workout to give you the energy you need, and post-workout for sustainable energy and muscle recovery.

Motivation is what gets you started.

Habit is what keeps you going.

From beginner to the expert gym-goer, we provide a membership for all fitness levels. Your health is our number one priority! To become an exclusive member of our Core Fit family or to learn more about our services, please explore our website or contact us.

We would love to help you
begin your journey!