How many times have you said to yourself, “I really need to start eating healthier?” Or, “I wish I could lose this extra weight?”

Maybe, your doctor has told you it’s time to re-evaluate your dietary choices. And, of course, the notorious New Year’s Resolution; it never works! Two or three months into a “diet”, and the thought of eating one more salad makes most people want to run in the opposite direction. Everyone has good intentions, but intentions are simply “a plan without action.” In fact, many times when a health plan is put into place, it soon fails because the person doesn’t really know what to eat. This leaves them feeling worse than before they started.

A healthy outside starts from the inside first.

The GOOD news! Fueling the body with “clean” foods is so much easier than you think. And, YES, you can eat carbohydrates. In fact, the body needs them for energy, hydration, and to sustain muscular endurance during a workout. But, be mindful – not all carbohydrates are equal in nutritional value. Educating yourself about nutrition is an important step.

Core Fit, Nutrition

With that being said, Nutrition is the very first step when beginning any health and fitness program. At Core Fit, we provide all of the tools you need to get started. Our 30 Days to a Healthier YOU Program is a great way to learn about the basics of eating clean, and will give your body a jump start in the right direction.

Eating clean is a lifestyle that provides a lifetime of benefits. Let our Core Fit experts help you begin this important first step towards reaching and sustaining your health and fitness goals.

To begin your health and fitness journey with nutrition, sign up as a member of Core Fit Studio. When you are a member, you receive ALL of the benefits that Core Fit Studio provides. We look forward to helping you reach, and sustain, your health and fitness goals! 

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