Special Program

30 Days to a
Healthier YOU!

Core Fit, Special Program
Core Fit, Special Program

If you’ve been thinking about starting a health and fitness program, our 30 Days to a Healthier YOU is a great start.

With our guided program, you will learn the fundamentals of nutrition, how to shop for the right foods, how to read a nutrition label, the importance of supplementation, and the essentials for “clean” eating (NO gluten, NO dairy, NO soy and NO alcohol). Also, working with a professional coach is motivating, supportive, and offers all of the tools necessary to achieve success.


Our program includes the following:

Program Guide

Meal Plans


Snack Suggestions

Private Facebook Group (Optional)

Professional Coach


supplements, protein powder and more

Training Sessions

Before & After

Some images showing the results of members who
participated in the 30 Days to a Healthier YOU! program.


Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy, or to simply feel better, our 30 Day program may be right for you!